Welcome to Loma Prieta 20 years later!

Hello all.  This blog is a an audio archive of stories about the aftermath of Loma Prieta in downtown Santa Cruz.  These stories were collected by an intrepid group of Santa Cruz undergraduates and their not-so-fearless leader Sarah Yahm, an instructor in the Community Studies department and an audio producer.

These pieces can be listened to online but they are meant to be downloaded as a walking tour.

This tour starts at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Cooper Street (where the old Cooper House was located) and goes up to the clocktower and then loops back around to the old Cooper House site and then down to Laurel.

The goal of this project is to use sound to help you experience your downtown differently by literally seeing it through the stories and memories of others.  As you walk through familiar spaces while listening to other people’s thoughts and memories these spaces become momentarily unfamiliar, strange, new.  And that strangeness will hopefully generate an important dialogue among us about the ways in which our lives and our community are affected by the design and structure of our new downtown.

The complete tour is 50 minutes long but here are some shorter audio tidbits for you:

This is the official full length audio tour.

To download the tour click on this link:


Give it a whirl this weekend for the anniversary of the quake.  This piece starts a few minutes before 5 on october 17th 1989.

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